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7days late!! But I have an IUD πŸ€”

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β€” I was just talking to someone yesterday who got pregnant with an iud. Have you taken a test?

β€” No! Isn’t that like super rare ? Omfgggg

β€” Honestly it's not that rare. I have seen a fairly significant amount of people recently getting pregnant with an IUD. It seems to displace itself rather easily. But if you are pregnant it can be very dangerous and you should be seen sooner than later. Take a test.

β€” Ok thanks! I will

β€” I’ve never had a period with it so far and it’s been like 4 months

β€” Which iud did you have

β€” Is it mirena? Cause I didn’t get a cycle for almost 6 years on it and it’s totally normal.

β€” No its the liletta. I get my period every month and I’m getting it taken out ! My period lasts 13 days !!!!

β€” Mine fell out and I am pregnant now


β€” After a few months mine went away and never showed again until I had it taken out with the 3 I have had