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Manager had me go home due to a really bad migraine. I said I’d go back if I started feeling better (work is only about 10 minutes away.) He said don’t worry about it.

An hour after meds, I feel better. But I’m so comfy at home under the covers doing absolutely nothing for once.

Do I...

1) Go back to work for another 4 hours?
2) Stay at home and get work-free baby-free rest and much needed Me Time?

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— 2

— Stay Home 😀

— Have you time! He said don’t worry about it so why worry?💕

— I like the way y’all think. 😉

— girl why are you even asking 😭🤣 staaaay home and relax of course!

— Stay home unless you need the hours.

— I could always use the hours but losing a day won’t make or break me. I was clocked in for almost 4 today anyway so I get a half day?