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I’m watching the First 48 and watching them do notifications is hard to watching being the same happen to me, when two police officers show up there’s a feeling in your body you know something happened.

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— My dad was a deputy and passed away on duty. I’ll never forget the doorbell ringing at 3 am and me standing there while my uncle and my dad’s coworker were telling me to open the door and I wouldn’t open it for them or let them in until my mom came in the room and opened it for them. I knew something was very wrong and didn’t want to open that door and have to hear it.

— I’m sorry for your loss and it’s never easy, my husband (bf at the time) went out garage sailing on that Sunday and my dad had gone to the casino 3 hours away the day before: we ended up pulling down our road and I said I wonder why there were to cops sitting at the end of the street. I jokingly made the comment what did you William. Walked up the stairs to my house and saw a note that said please call this number before I could even do that. They came and knocked on the door and said your father was in an accident and I said did he die, I knew it already I knew just but that feeling. One of the worst days of my life. He passed away driving home he had a heart attack at the wheel.

— @boymomx3, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I completely feel your pain. That was the same thing that happened to my dad, a heart attack while driving. It’s been 18 years and I still remember every minute of it all.