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Hi everyone! I’m going through a really hard custody battle and wondering if anyone else has or is and advice 😭 #myfirstpost

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— Haven’t gone through it but I hope you win

— I have been and it blows. It's draining and stressful. You can inbox me

— It’s very draining. Every day my anxiety is through the roof on what will happen. I posted some of what is going on, maybe you can give me some input.

— Thank you, it’s been on going for a year. My ex and I went through a divorce and when we went through the divorce he decided to keep my 1 year old I was still nursing from me, and his dad being the sheriff of my county (small county) with one judge decided that, that’s completely normal. I begged I cried and went to court and the judge didn’t let me speak whatsoever, I didn’t trust my ex bc he abused drugs, and he had told me he was molested by his father the sheriff of the county. My attorneys tried to bring the concerns up and how me not knowing where my son was is a problem. This went on forever where they granted me supervised visits when he was the crazy one literally. Court ended and they granted us 50:50.. so his dad went MIA after. Come to find out he was in the psych ward and his father took his rights away after he accused him of molestation. Stating he is a harm and unstable so on so forth. Now my ex hasn’t seen my son for 7 months, he has with me present for an hour or two I have even stayed over so I know my son will be safe. But now he is threatening to take me back to court and demanding alone time with him and I don’t feel comfortable😭😭 the court didn’t listen to me to begin with, I told them he was crazy and suicidal and just not capable of keeping my baby from me for two months. I’m scared and afraid they will do it again. Especially with the molestation coming to light and his father retiring early. I just want my two year old safe 😭😭😭😭😭