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How long does it take for orders to get here? Like from etsy? I know it depends where im ordering from but I ordered something on the 19th and I haven't receive an email or anything to let me know that my stuff has shipped.

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— If your order was confirmed by Etsy, you should have received an email from Etsy with an order number, go to that and check the status and maybe even contact the shop.

— Oh yeah, I did receive that email.

— the seller usually has a description of how long it would take . When i bought Sofia’s stuff from Etsy the seller had a description how long it would take, because she usually shipped items within two days of purchase .

— @j.concepcion, 3-5 days to ship it? Or that you’ll get it in that time frame, for example mine was shipped in two days but the shipping took 6 days since it came from cali

— @denisse.m yes. 3-5 to ship. Mines is coming cali too But in my email it says 7-12 days so Idk

— @denisse.m I sent a message. She said it's set to ship on Monday.

— It took about a month for our custom half door. Definitely depends. You can email them and ask 😊