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I really just did some intense research to see if Aldi or Save A lot is cheaper/better. Seems like Aldi won #tightbudget

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β€” Aldi is flipping amazing. I won't shop anywhere else.

β€” I’m an Aldi fan too! πŸ‘

β€” I got all this for less than $90! In NJ that’s almost impossible without couponing

β€” @scruffy.nerf.herder, both canvas bags are from World Market. I have a couple other patterns too

β€” @lizibear84, love them 😍

β€” @scruffy.nerf.herder, thanks! They’re huge and hold a ton! They were filled to capacity

β€” @jenx @scruffy.nerf.herder @lizibear84 well I should've just came on here and asked you all πŸ˜‚ That's some good shopping for $90 though. My budget was $25. I spent about $26 and some change but I hope this food will stretch!

β€” @lizibear84 ohhhh right! Now that you say it, I know exactly what that is and I know a couple people who has had that surgery. It saved them from obesity.

β€” @chocolatechild, yep! We were both severely overweight and had so many health issues between us, it was scary

β€” @lizibear84 wow well thank God for that option! I'm glad you're still alive and found a solution ❀️

β€” @lizibear84 how is that surgery I've been considering it for some time now but don't know much about it.

β€” It’s a life and lifestyle changer! All of our health issues resolved (except for husbands asthma), and our lives have drastically improved. Even made us able to have kids