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I am not having any luck selling the bows 😭😭😭 I have so many bows. All I made last week was $20

My little brother told me to be patient, that I can't rush. I've been trying my best to promote my business page and get people to follow the page, especially moms.

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— Maybe try adding onto your inventory. So many people are making bows for their business that it's hard for 'new people to start up a business. Customers don't like seeing the same item displayed over and over by a bunch of different people. Make something that's unique and catches people eye.

— Thanks! I'm waiting for my templates so I can make bows with vinyl. I also bought tulle to make bows with that.

— Are you just selling online? What about local craft fairs or farmers markets?

— Just online.

— Since you just started it will take time for the word to spread. Have faith mama and you’ll see sooner than later you will be selling them so fast!! You can always go to the flea market and sell them there throughout the weekends also Facebook market, craft fairs like above says.

— I tried selling on the Facebook market. One girl was interested but she never came to get the bows.

— I’m sorry mama. I hope you can sell all of them very soon!

— Try selling on the mercari app

— I tried that. Tbh all those apps like let go , offer up & mercari suck. I only have one lady who sends me a message on offer up when I post the bows up.