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I am jealous of everyone who is pregnant😭😭😭😭 It's been almost 6 months and I'm not pregnant yet. I know everyone keeps telling me that it will happen soon & to have faith or whatever, but im starting to lose hope 💔

My period went away on Saturday so maybe I'll get lucky this cycle 🙏🏻😩

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— Dont lose hope dear. I know it can be discouraging, but! It can take the average women up to a year to conceive. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

— Thanks love! I hope so 🙏🏻❤ My boyfriend is losing hope too. He thinks he can't get me pregnant.

— Dont feel bad hun your time will come in not prego yet either since off bc shot been ttc

— Sending baby dust your way

— Likewise girl! I had a miscarriage in February, Still waiting for my period to arrive so we can ttc again😢 Sending baby dust your way🍀

— Thanks love! Sending baby dust your way 🙏🏻❤