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So upset with my husband's job they said that after the three months of probation that they will talk about a raise but when he asked about it since he does way more than what anybody else does there they keep giving him the runaround and when he asked the other manager she was like the only raised that I've ever gotten was when I became a manager and that was 3 years ago and I've been here for 7 years now and I still haven't gotten a raise and it makes me sad to hear that she can't go anywhere because she's a little too old so no one else will take her everywhere she applied and one guy got a raise so he gets paid exactly what the managers get and everyone's a little upset about that that's why they keep quitting but I understand it's individually owned but they shouldn't have said anything about any raise and giving him false hope that he can get one if it's impossible to get, so now he's job hunting in the meantime which is good cause everything happens for a reason. 🤷🤷💁

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— I hat when employers do that shit