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пятница- день красивых мужиков

14 августа 2015, 09:12   •   пятница

для тех, кто грустит ;))

GIF of Chris Hemsworth smiling adorably

Mmm, yummy

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam (sons of anarchy) reading.

I see no reason to leave this unpinned...

Mr. James McAvoy.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sighs...Because of him I love soccer, and that doesn't even make sense but Shutup

How To Tell If You Are Attracted to Josh Hutcherson: A List by BUZZFEED (I just discovered Hunger Games)

LOVE! Cam Gigandet is so sexy

Mmm, Laughing sexy men in kilts :-) **

I have nothing to say about Jason Momoa that hasn't been said before, except maybe that he has the same birthmark as the whale from Free Willy

I can just imagine drinking morning-after coffee with this scruffy, shirtless hunk. Round 2? (Or 3?)



Россия, Реутов

Я грущу и мужики сегодня что-то не радуют ((