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17 декабря 2009, 06:17   •  Без категории

One day, at a party that I participated in, hosts asked a little boy: What kind of person do you want to do when growing up? The child sees we entrepreneurs, then say: Become an entrepreneur. The person present has hove the palm smiling sometimes. I have clapped hands too, but it is uncomfortable to hear. Do I think, how much does this child know to enterprises on earth? Does he say wants to work as the entrepreneur because in front of us? Whether he is influenced by adult, thought entrepreneur's scene was all rich persons, just work as the entrepreneur?

Certainly all these are a mystery. But in any case, as the ambition in a person's life, I thought as what was unimportant; No matter who he is, the most important thing is that would resolve to be a person of efforts while as a child.

I someone Zeng asked the same question even in the childhood, my answer nothing more than worked as teacher, PLA man and scientist,etc.. Time flashes and takes more than 20 years to flow, the child of that year has nowadays already been the adult a little over 40. But think carefully, I expressed the in vain over ambition before adults that year, one of reality was not even realized. The other people around me are almost the same. Some wanted to work as a teacher, later on but became the self-employed worker; Wanted to work as the PLA man, someone became a prisoner unexpectedly. I have two chums in university, they are all exceptionally gifted persons in electron trades of our country now, a growth is " Konka " The boss of the group, one is leading TCL Group. We three become operators of the Chinese color TV leading enterprise by chance and rightly, but that year when graduated from university, no matter what great imagination strength it is, we did not dare either to think that will become the look like this several decades later. All is that we act according to circumstances in struggling, make great efforts to obtain step by step. It is better to say that we are persons in efforts all the time than to say that we are persons having lofty ideals.

It is not we that do not pay attention to the ideal, apt to but because set up the ambition, diligent and difficult for ideal, on like this from ancient times in life. Have, who would have thought ten more than years ago, to the day, I in know which way to go in the street one once, the person that worries in order to survive? I at that time, penniless, had an uncertain future, did not really know where the way is. However, I am not disheartened and disappointed, recall, that is supporting me and passing by this period of frustrations years is exactly my will character. When I have been already not all right, should be not all right that a lot of people thought, I still climbed the efforts to stand up from the ground making, I firmly believe life just as Maradona plays football, often " score " when falling soon Obtain life. The fact is just like this too, just in " mountains multiply, streams double back " When,one of Hong Kong go bankrupt of enterprise it last I chance bob up like a cork, enable me to cooperate with the British scientific and technical personnel who master latest technology in the world, develop the color TV set of the modern techniques, extricated oneself from a plight at one blow from then on.

Someone says, " diligent " With " have " Life first first on the left two dishes of scenery in right. But I think, most beautiful can't inferior scenery should diligent most in life. It is a kind of state of mind in life to be diligent, is a feeling to a kind of compatriot of the life. It is mother having it to make great efforts, it is a son hard to have. Making great efforts wholeheartedly one may well say an put through Rome of main road, only want to obtain and may be said the road is forced narrowly, world is narrow. So, what kind of personage and its fixed oneself must become, what does it get, might as well temper oneself make one person of efforts. Ambition high, have hard, ambition end difficult to stand fast at; Without long-range goal, because is diligent, will find the direction of struggling after all. Make one person that make great efforts, say to be goal that correspond to reality most life, life loud realm most.

Because a lot of people give goal too high utility too that oneself make, become dusty in appearance because of it is difficult to succeed in ^ing, disheartened and disappointed finally. Trace it to its cause, often because pay close attention to having very much, and neglect and become a person of efforts. As to the children of today, if only pay close attention to the fact what kind of personage should they become in the future, not regarding will quality as a goal of conducting oneself to put forward, we can only train narrow, selfishness, fragility and person not tall of realm finally. Unfortunately, we do not do fully up to expectationsly in this respect.

17 декабря 2009, 06:12   •  Без категории

This world without love was understood at last
Nobody will love you in whole life unconditionally
They always love such you or like that
Unique not merely
The simple one loves you

Such a woman
If a man does not love your money
Only love your health
You can be one's own luck
Have burnt incense and prayed
Any is true love

Real love
That kind of love standing in the campus expecting when being young
Disappear in this world

17 декабря 2009, 06:11   •  Без категории

Can send to several and never say it is very difficult for the friend thanked! " Between the friends, perhaps say a sentence of " thanks " It is an easy thing, even reach the mouth of taking off briefly and can be told. However, can really make sure unnecessary to say one sentence to thank, it is a kind of rare realm. The real friend does not say word of one ' thank ' all one's life, the emotion and friendship between them, because will not lack ' thank ' words, inferior at all, it is more precious to be opposite.

Not speaking words and thanking, the feeling of this friend contains a dense kindred; Not speaking words and thanking, the feeling of this friend seems more sincere naturally. After we lose a lot of unnecessary polite formulae, appear in each other naturally but pure friendship very, has not disguised, it is false not to have, some are only the closeness and communicating of the soul; Do not speak words and thank, it is not the indifference of the soul, but will express and reciprocate and turn into another form, that is to abandon the empty promise, collect the real friendship in the heart of hearts, turn a kind of strength inside, build up the real friendship mansion. Think about we oneself, among all friend, have how much person can say friend to wither word all one's life? The vast sea of people, the vicissitudes of affairs of human life. When we are in the face of more and more so-called reality, look for one say friend to wither word, difficulty what it is. If you have even if only have a friend that much less thank, please treasure carefully.

You should know, this friendship is the money could not be bought, exchanged for time, that sincere friendship is heart and blending of heart, is your wealth of all one's life. After you pay, always hope friend needn't say to you that thanks. 1,000 times, thanks of 10,000 times, perhaps so previous than expression in one's eyes understood! I have at least 5 friends much less thanked, so I thank the Heaven, will treasure this hard-won mutual affection natural to various types of human relationship!