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21 января 2010, 11:01   •  Без категории

This is a true story. This is a special hardship case families. Gangshangxiaoxue his son when his father died. Nianger Liang with each arm, with a pile of loess gently away his father.

Mother did not remarry, endured sufferings to pull her son. At that time the village without electricity, his son every night lamp next book in the voice of Lang Lang, writing painting, mothers holding needlework, gently, and makes a thick sewn into the mothering her son's clothing and shoes. Day after day, year after year, when one by one certificate covering both sides of the walls variegated, my son, like spring bamboo, scold scold a long way up. Looking at the first half than their own son, mother, his eyes full of smile wrinkles Zhang.

When the mountainsides of trees Fanchu autumn, my son admitted to focus on one of the county. His mother is suffering from rheumatism, could not do farm work, and sometimes even have enough to eat. At that time one, students had to bring 30 pounds of rice per month to the cafeteria. Children know that his mother could not take, he said: "Mother, I want to leave farm work for you." Mothers touching child's head, love to say: "You have the heart to play acting by Lane's mother happy, but the book non-reading is not. rest assured your mother like you, there is another way of caring for you. your first school enrollment, I then Jiusong meters to go. "stubborn child say no, my mother said go and, child, or say no, mother wielded rough The palm, strong in the face of rejection in children, which is 16-year-old child being beaten for the first time ... ...

Children going to school finally, and looked away in the back of his mother's silent meditation.

Before long, county and a large dining hall usher in a belated mother, and she limped Norway door, panting from the shoulders of unloading a bag of rice. Is responsible for the registration of the bear master palm scale open pocket, grabbed one meters looked at, his brow on the lock, and said: "You do parents always like accounting and little cheaper. You look, there are early rice, mid-season rice, late rice, as well as small m, is simply our canteen as an odd-m barrels of. "his mother, bashfulness, blushing even say sorry. Bear Master Upon seeing this, did not say anything, and received. The mother took out a small sack, said: "The chef, it is 5 dollars, my son this month's living expenses, trouble you transferred to him." Xiong master take over, shook her, which Dangdang Tintin coins. He joked: "how do you sell boiled eggs in the street?" The mother's face again red, hedged with a Tao Xie, and limped away.

Another month, the mother carrying a bag of rice into the dining hall. Bear Master usual open bag to see meters, brow again locking, or variegated meters. He wanted to, is not the last the mother did not give a clear picture, we Yiziyidun told her: "No matter what the meters, we are close. But the species to be separated, do not mix, or can not cook, cook The rice is cooked out of the. next time also so I do not collected. "Some fear to request her mother:" The chef, my family's rice are like this, how do? "Bear master enough to create misunderstandings, and anti-asked:" your family to grow 100 mu of fields can be kind of rice? really funny. "there were no real dress down, the mother did not dare say a word, bears her master is no longer reasonable.

The third month, the mother again, and bears a look at master meters, with rage, with almost irrational tone, hair show tonight in snapped: "hey, I say you do damn it, how obstinate 呀? loud noise, or variegated rice? you know, today is back to how, or how to back to go back! "

Mother seems to already be predicted that corner to his knees, kneeling in front of Bear master, two lines of tears pouring down the sunken eyes godless: "chef, I told you the truth of it, this rice is I have to discuss ... ... beg for food come ah! "Bear Master by surprise, eyes wide wandering round, for a long while could not speak.

His mother sitting on the ground, roll up their trouser legs to reveal a pair of rigid deformation of the legs, swelling into a fusiform ... ... mother wiped a tear and said: "I got late rheumatism, and even walking is difficult, but not talk of farming. Son sensible, to drop out to help me, was a slap in the face, I hit the school ... ... "

She also bears the master explained that she had been without the knowledge of folks, even more afraid of children know that hurt his pride. Day, days daybreak, she Chuaizhe empty rice bag, leaning on a stick more than 10 miles away quietly into the village to beg, and then wait until after dark secret Mojin village. She will discuss the past m together early to school ... ... the mother verbose way, she had already shed a tear bear master. He propped his mother, said: "Well Mom, ah, I'll go tell the principal, contributions to the school to your home." Huang Budie to Yao Zhuoshou mother said: "Do not, do not, if the son knew your mother begging for his school, the ruin his self-esteem. affect his reading can be bad. chefs and kindness I receive, and ask you for my confidence, remember remember! "

Mother gone limp.

Chancellor finally know this, calm and collected, to poor students in the name of the son of a three-year relief for tuition and living expenses. Three years later, her son with 627 scores were admitted to the university. Farewell graduates that day, county and one in the craft slice the mother's son heads specially invited to the podium, this life wondering: I took the test scores of students there are several, why just asked me to power it? Even more strange is that on the stage sitting on a pile three drums capsule capsule She Pidai. At this point, the mother bear gave a master power meters for the children to school discuss the story, the audience silent. She Pidai three principal points, emotionally said: "This is the story of the mother of three bags of rice have to discuss, which is in the world with money can not buy food. Here are invited to this office a great mother."

Son puzzled look back but look, I saw the mother bear teacher escorted to the stage is being moved step by step. We do not know what his son was thinking the moment, I believe to his share of the shock waves in no way inferior. As a result, human warmest affection staged scene, mother and son pairs depending on the mother's eyes warm, Rou Rou, and a lock of gray hair that some children scattered to ride in the forehead, the son pounce forward, grabbed her, crying: "Mother, ah, ah ... my mother ..."

21 января 2010, 10:59   •  Без категории

The morning, Li Xing is at home to do lunch, when he was removed from the refrigerator and food preparation when cooking, Hu Wen fighting next door came the sound of him quickly out of view, is next door to the couple again in a fight, he persuaded his return after a few家.
Within a short while next door they heard sound of fierce tussle, Li Xing had left out, I heard "bang" in a dull sound of mind, followed by the voice of the human body lying on the ground, he quickly rushed next door to the kitchen, the can see the hostess hands empty hanging, staring in horror has been lying on the ground, the men who breathed.
As Interpol, Li Xing was in charge of this people's business. He was not away from the scene, called his wife to call a report. A moment, Interpol forensic team came to the scene, the test results are back of the head man of the house was hit by a hard object, stick type, resulting in the death skull base fracture. May be surprising is that on-site forensic club class could not find a hard object, the kitchen stove where there is only cutting boards and knives, a large herring. Interrogation mistress, mistress of the house silent. Li Xing, and the scene of the Interpol were all wondering, and women do not leave the scene, it is impossible to hide lethal weapons, then what is it lethal?
Li Xing away Interpol team colleagues, to return to their homes after suddenly remembered something and quickly ran downstairs and told my colleagues, weapon is.
I ask, do you know what that is?

21 января 2010, 10:58   •  Без категории

Rice is sticky rice, pot is a casserole, fire is the fire extinguisher. Every

morning, 4:20, the men-time-point ignition, turn on the water pot, rice Amoy a good

soaking in the water. When water is boiling, put m, large heat and simmer 10 minutes,

change temperature and the fire slowly boil. M flutter chug to jumping in the pan,

the men bent over beside the fire, stirring gently with a spoon ... ... what about a

half hour later, a man single-handedly end steaming bowl of plain porridge, a dish of

cream hand side of the sesame oil in pickles silk, a woman walked into the bedroom

shouting get out of bed.

A woman turned a body, muttering a what, but also to sleep in the past. Man

listening to a woman sweet snoring, could not bear will return. Sitting in bed, take

a look at the table, and then take a look at a woman, and then take a look at the

table. A woman suddenly bouncing from bed to see tables, dressing hurriedly got up,

his mouth could not help complaining: "To late, how can you not wake me?" He plain

porridge and pickles, hand it over: "Do not worry, there is still time , first

porridge drink. "

Porridge is a plain porridge, this porridge, a woman drank 5 years. When men and

women to marry, the family had no money to put the wedding banquet, two were just

sleeping together, it becomes a home. The wedding night, the men side over a bowl of

plain porridge, Bai Yingying's porridge, in the lamp suffused with sparkling light.

Man said: "You bad stomach, drink plenty of plain porridge, Yangwei." Women would

have to drink, and elegant fragrance porridge, warm Yutie not only the stomach, as

well as heart.

They work in the same factory, women perennial early shift, the men perennial

night. 4:00 work of men and women to go to work 5:30 am. Of time with them, but just

over an hour. Men, the first thing after work, that is, ignition, Ao Yu. Men can only

boil plain porridge, their economic situation, only to allow him to cook a bowl of

plain porridge. Is such a bowl of plain porridge, actually to nourish a woman was

looking rosy, charming flowery.

Later, the yard-effectiveness is not good, man down the post, but life had to go

on. Men come up with meager savings, a woman sold her mother left her gold ring,

scrape together the money, opened a grocery store. A bowl, a mop, a bottle, the

profit, but a few cents, the men are doing very carefully. A woman from work, and

also came to helping take care stores. No one, when men and women, sitting in the

middle of a pile of pots and pans, a happy vision of the future.

Man said: "so rich, 咱 bloom where the chains are." A woman said: "At that time,

I will not go to work, and every day you do at home Bianzhehuayang eat." A man said:

"Where need you to do, ah, want to eat anything, 咱 directly to the hotel to eat.

"flighty woman," No, I want to eat your boiled plain porridge. "Men have almost a

full woman's shoulder, eyes excitedly's.

Men continue to 4:20 every morning to get up on time, ignition Ao Yu. Side of the

boil, while calculating the missing goods store. Sometimes distracting, porridge will

be Hu of the bottom of the pot; sometimes too trapped a nap, congee will overflow the

pot. One morning a woman Qile Chuang, porridge on the stove is turned over the

cushions toot waves, men's head bent over lap, fast asleep. Woman gently clinging to

a man's head, heart, slight tear in pain involved. Since then, the woman resolutely

refused to give her Aozhou man, he is very tired.

A man's business has been increasingly shun, to the seventh year, he turned to

open supermarket chains everywhere. A woman quit her job and did a full-time wife.

They bought a large split-level house, the kitchen decorated beautifully chic,

missing only the taste of fireworks. Because, when the men go home to eat less and

less. He was always busy, entertaining many, sometimes three or four a night to catch

dinner. The beginning, women also complain, but the man said: "not all for this home?

Is not yet want you to live better?" Later, women are tired, gradually, also

accustomed to.

Woman for a long time no more drink plain porridge. One day, a man was suddenly

notified to attend a friend's funeral. He wondered, how a few days ago perfectly

good, and today is gone? Funeral home, he saw a friend of the widow, that elegant and

beautiful woman, withered aging overnight. She cried a very tough battle, and her

mouth verbose, said: "Who sent me to work since then I work? Who I tie them tight

scarf ... ..." He suffocated not help but think of her, think of those who endure

plain porridge for her to Good morning, think of every day that she took a bowl of

plain porridge, the eyes of the well-being and satisfaction.

Almost all the way to a man flying home in time to open the door, they saw a

woman curling up on the sofa and fell asleep. TV still open, home theater is also

open, threw the coffee table filled with a variety of fashion magazines. A man

kneeling on the sofa before the hand gently blowing over the woman's hair. Woman

looking bleak, thin wrinkles, the filled deep lonely.

He took blankets to go to a woman cover, a woman suddenly woke up and saw him, a

woman rubbed his eyes, to determine, after his face thrown up lovely blush. A woman

got up and hurriedly: "Do you not eat, and I do." Yong Zhu a man from behind her:

"No, I do cook plain porridge." A woman did not speak a half-day, with warm tears,

drop by drop, fall man's hands.

On that day, while men cook the porridge as he thought: In fact, the ever-

changing congee, are not white porridge made from the grounding. All the well-being,

but do so at the end of plain porridge, icing on the cake.