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Тестостерон влияет на шистосому

10 октября, 14:28

По ссылке исследование, которое определяет, что тестостерон негативно сказывается на этом паразите.

In the present study, we have demonstrated a binding of testosterone to parasite GST, specifically to one Sh28GST peptide involved in the enzymatic site. This specific binding seems to have the ability to inhibit Sh28GST enzymatic activity. This functional binding could play a direct role in the decrease of parasite fecundity in acting not only on worm metabolism but also directly on parasite reproductive organs. In human schistosomiasis, this GST-dependent effect of sexual steroids could have an influence on the age- and sex-dependent level of infection.

И в дополнение:

Schistosoma mansoni: susceptibility differences between male and female mice can be mediated by testosterone during early infection.


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