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13 августа 2010, 22:10   •  Без категории
нужно раскрыть скобки и поставить глаголы в нужное время:
When i (enter) the office i (see) the Nellie (cry) softly behind her computer. She (tell) me that the editor (storm) into our office an hour earlier and (grill) her for the whole 30 minutes because of the two misprints that she (make) in the article; she (add) through her sobs that he (not|to stop) even when she finally (burst) into tears right in front of him it just (make) his shouting worse. So i (try) to calm her down and said that i (install) a more efficient spell-check programme into her computer.

What (you|to do) up to know? Nothing special, but i (cook) dinner.

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