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6 августа 2007, 23:08   •  Без категории

Thank you so much for your kind words of welcome. I also do not understand much but I will do my best with the translator, although sometimes the words do not make sense.

I joined your blog so that I could look at Julia's lovely pictures. I am way too old for you beautiful young ladies. I have 3 children but they are all your age or older. I have 2 grandchildren. Beautiful little girls, one is age 11 and one is age 7.

I enjoy reading what you girls have to say and looking at your pictures. I hope you don't mind if I don't type very often. smiley-kiss.gif I don't think I have very much to say that would be of interest to you.

Julia wrote to you that I am American. I am not American, but I now live in the USA. I was born and lived my whole life in Canada. I used to be a music professor and a church organist, but now I am retired. I also had a farm where I raised sheep and goats.

Thanks, again, for welcoming me to baby blog. It is nice to make new friends in different countries.

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4 августа 2007, 07:30   •  Без категории
I'm Julia P.'s friend and she's invited me to join the Baby Blog. 

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