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This is the Russian Orthodox church in the tiny town of Hartshorne, Oklahoma. I work in arts and cultural advocacy in Oklahoma City and I'd love to see a Russian festival come to this town. It would be grand!! Here is a post I wrote about the Try Orthodoxy campaign in Oklahoma City that was launched a couple years ago.

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My beautiful daughter, Bridgette Josephina. She is 4.5 years old. This will be her fifth Christmas! I took this photo near my home in Oklahoma City - a seed store that sells Old World style Christmas ornaments and trees during the holidays.

3 декабря 2011, 07:14   •  Christmas,

Here's a package I wrapped last year with some recycled paper and some feathers from the kids' craft supplies.


Here's the original post with a few more examples.

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I love photography. This is a shot I've creaed for my trademarked "This Oklahoma Life" photo essay series. I came upon it an urban neighborhood in OKC. A young person looking for a little part-time income.

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Wow. It wasn't easy getting here and I have no clue where this might lead. First of all, I'm a Mommy. I have three children, ages 4, 6 and 14. Bridgette, Sullivan and Juliette. I live in Oklahoma City. I have been blogging since 1999. My blog is I write about Generations X, Y and Z, but mostly my generation, Gen X -- those of us born between 1961 and 1981. I write about parenting, pop culture, politics, faith, family, career, etc.

I've been wanting to expand my horizons and reach across the globe. I've been learning Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. I would like to create a list of the top 10 Russian Mommy Bloggers out there. I don't even know where to begin. What about Russian or Ukrainian or ??? recipe blogs. I'm lost as to where to begin. Any help would be so appreciated.

How can I help all of you? My blog is popular in my hometown of Oklahoma City. I am also a photographer and take lots of beautiful pictures. Here is one:


These are Carolina Corabead berries. Poisonous to humans, but beautiful to look at. I took this off old Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma yesterday.

Well, I'm looking for Russian mommies around my age to befriend. Write to me soon. Love from Oklahoma, Jennifer